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  At  Predawn Nursery

  Our Trees and Shrubs are Guaranteed for One Full  Year -

*Providing that they are Properly Planted, Watered, & Cared For!*

*In the event of a problem - We must have the Receipt

  and the Plant for Refund or Credit!* - For Sale Items -

                           - Only Half of the Amount Paid is Credited!!  

*This is Limited Warranty and we will in no case be liable

   for more than the original price paid!*

**Our Policy is: We will only replace a plant One Time!!**

Planting Instruction Guidelines:

Transporting Plants:  When bringing plants home, always protect

from wind and/or sun burn.

Preparation for Installation: Your new plants should be installed

as soon as possible.  If there is some delay in planting, then it is

important to guard against moisture loss.  Store plants in a shady,

wind protected area, and keep roots moist.  Handle plants gently

and use the container or root ball to move the plant.  Never hold

onto the plant itself.  When planting, be sure to place the plants

in their preferred growing environment for best results.  Always

find out what conditions are best for each particular plant.

Size of Planting Hole:  It is vital to dig the planting hole a least

6 inches larger than the root ball, on all sides, to allow for soil

enrichments before planting.  Be sure to pack down the soil in the

bottom of the hole to prevent settling lower.  The finished level

of the top of the root ball, should be 2 - 3 inches higher than the

original level of the plant in the pot.

Balled and Burlap (BB) or (WB):   Many trees, shrubs &

evergreens have the root ball wrapped in burlap and are secured

with string or rope.  Large sizes have the root ball contained in a

wire basket.  These must be planted just the way they are,

with burlap, rope and wire basket, too. 

Fill around the root ball with a good organic soil mix to three

quarters, and water thoroughly.  Then, untie all string or rope

from the trunk or stems.  Fold back burlap & ropes and tuck

down out of sight.  If there is a wire basket, fold back the loops

and push down, leaving the wire basket on the plant.  Add more

good organic soil to fill the hole.  Water again using a root

stimulating transplant fertilizer.

Fibre Pots:  We can not over stress the importance of leaving

the pot ON!   These pots are made of paper and will rot away

in the soil, and are readily penetrated by healthy plant roots.

Break off the pot rim down to the soil level.  Make three scores

down the side of the pot.  DO NOT Remove the sides or bottom

of the pot.  Fill around the pot with a good organic soil mix.  Water thoroughly with a root stimulating transplant fertilizer.

Plastic Pots: Water thoroughly before removing the plastic pot.

If a light tapping on the sides and bottom does not release the

plant, make two cuts the length of the pot on opposite sides

and gently pull apart.  Use your fingers or a knife and gently

loosen and spread roots that appear crowded.  On Severe

Pot Bound roots, make several 1 inch deep cuts through

the root mass.  Finish planting as mentioned above.

After Care Of Trees & Shrubs:  Add a layer of mulch on top

of the root ball - this keeps  weeds down and keeps roots moist.

Keep newly planted  plants watered properly!  A good soak

twice per week during the spring and fall.  Three to four times

per week during the Hot Summer.  *Deep watering results in

deep, well developed roots - which in turn results in plants that

are more drought tolerant.

Trees and large shrubs Must be Staked for a minimum

of one year.  Feed plants 4 times per year, - once per month

starting in April.  Never feed after Sept. 1.

Some varieties of plants require Winter Protection, cover

with burlap and /or wrap the tree trunks.  Apply mulch to ground.

Special Care For Special Plants:

Roses: most roses are grafted on to different root stock.  For hardiness the grafted area (the swollen area where the stems originate) must be planted 2 inches below soil level. After first Frost, hill up with mulch.

Rhodo's, Azalea's, Broadleaf Evergreens, and Hydrangea's:

must be feed  with acidic type fertilizer.  Some varieties also

require winter protection.  -  avoid hot, full sun areas.

In late fall It is beneficial to spray these plants with Anti-Dessicant.

Fruit Trees: demand excellent drainage! They will die if roots

are in standing water.  Pruning, feeding & regular spraying is required for good fruit production.  In early spring apply Dormant Spray.

Japanese Maples: Avoid hot full sun areas.  They must have

winter  protection,  - use Burlap Fences around them.

Year End Watering: In late fall, just before the ground freezes, It is very important to water all plants heavily - this protects roots from cold, dry soil.

Perennials: All perennials should be cut back in the spring, the foliage

acts as an insulating factor during winter and helps survival rate.

After the ground has frozen to a 2" depth, it is very beneficial to

cover all plants with a layer of mulch. Light snow also acts as insulator.

Insects & Diseases:  Keep an eye on your plants, if problems occur,

it is best to treat them early.  Floritect is a very good product to spray

for insects and diseases.  Especially good for Dwarf Alberta Spruce,

Euonymous, Purple Sandcherry, Japanese Maples, Roses and more.



 These above instructions are intended as general guidelines, if further

 explanation is required, please enquire at our nursery.


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