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 Black Earth (Organic Top Soil) - ASB brand - good quality loamy black earth  - 30 L size

Cow or Sheep Manure - 18 kg

Potting Soils - 20 L, 30 L.

Peat Moss - Premier Brand - 3.8 cubic feet  or 2.2 cu. ft. compressed bales  - we only carry New Brunswick quality peat moss - this is growers grade spaghnum peat - course (not dust)

Professional Soilless Growers Mix - 3.8 cu.ft. compressed bales or 3 cu.ft. loose bags.

Seedling and Germination Mix - 3.8 cu.ft. compressed bale

Perlite and Vermiculite (soil conditioners) - 4 cu.ft. bags

Pine Soil Conditioner (clay breaker) - a fine pine bark based product which loosens clay soils and adds good organic matter to any soil.  - 3 cu.ft. bag

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